Manage statuses less painfully

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Within the Shotgrid website, I manage each entity’s statuses list with the Configure Field widget that can be found when you right click on the status column header:


This is one of the most painful things I do in SG, mostly because dragging statuses up or down in the list seems buggy as items don’t drag up or down the scroll bar, making moving a status from the very bottom to the very front incredibly slow and tedious.

Is there a better way to do this? be it via Python API or maybe there is another page or widget I am missing?

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have you looked at the project “Tracking Settings” page?
That provides a nicer ui.

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Hello @Ricardo_Musch,

Thank for your response, that helped, yes.
What I am doing now is zooming out in the browser while in the “Tracking Settings” so at least I can see all the items at onces and that way I don’t have to be scrolling up and down.

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