Updating Entity Status using Tracking Settings

I have ADMIN access and am trying to change the statuses for the Contract Entity.

If I right-click the field, “Configure Field…” is greyed out.

If I update using the Tracking Settings, none of the updates actually save.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I can confirm it’s greyed out for me too, I’m wondering if the statusses of contracts link into the Crew Planner/Project planner apps?

That may be why they’re locked?

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Seems like something ShotGrid currently does not support.

The sg_status_list field on the Contract entity has its configurable property set to false.
This is why the “Configure Field…” option is greyed out.

You are able to change this value by doing some magic in your browsers developer console which allows you to open the configuration modal.

Unfortunately once you are finished making changes and click the “Update Field” button you will receive an error popup letting you know that your changes were not able to be made.

I’d suggest reaching out to ShotGrid support about this.

The Contract Entity can’t be edited via the API either, it was confirmed by Autodesk Support -_-…

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Any reason was given?

I would assume it’s because it’s linked to some system?

It’s a known bug (The internal ticket is SG-25418). It may have been resolved by now.
TMK, it’s linked at least to the Resource Planning.

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