Report to Track Historical Data

Hi All -

I am trying to track events that happen during a timeframe to track past history, not what their current Status is.

ex. How many Assets were marked ‘Fin’ in a time frame: August 1-8?
Asset X is marked ‘Fin’ on August 1st, but on August 2nd it’s marked ‘Hold’
I want to build a page that would show that Asset as a ‘Fin’ for the week, even though it’s current Status is ‘Hold’.

This way I can better snapshot what happens on a weekly basis.



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Hey @frederick1972—have you checked out the time series, status history, and burndown charts?

That sounds up your alley—let us know if not!

Hi -

Very cool -

I reviewed the Status History brief and have done some tests.

What I don’t see in my shotgun - is the ‘Project Timeline Range’ feature from your description.

When I try to set dates; I am having problems with those date ranges being saved.

  • i.e. the Start Date is 1/1/20; I change it to 2/1/20 - but when I hit save it reverts back to 1/1/20.

Is there something that’s driving the Date ranges? Something setting the Defaults?

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Hey Frederick
Sorry for the late follow up. If you’re choosing the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ fields that come by default on the project entity, then yes they’re driven from phases in the project timeline app and can’t be adjusted in the regular Shotgun UI.
If you didn’t want to use the Project Timeline App, another option is to just to create your own date fields on the Project Entity (that aren’t dependent on the Project Timeline App) that you can then use to set the start and end dates of your graph.

Hope that helps, but let me know if you have any questions!


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