Burndown Charts question -- how to save date range?

Hello, folks! I was hoping for some advice on how to use Burndown Charts, because I’m running into some issues with the way they’re currently set up. I’m using the Status History Graph widget in Burndown mode and tweaking the settings, and I’ve hit a dead end.

Desired result: I want a Burndown chart that graphs the remaining Tasks on my project in a date range I can specify and save.

Problem: The start and end dates in the widget can’t be saved, so everyone viewing the Burndown chart has to manually enter the start and end dates every time they view it.

From reading forums and documentation, this is what I understand:

  • The Start and End dates in the widget cannot be saved.
  • The Start and End dates that the Status History Widget reads are calculated by the Start and End Dates on Phases that are created in the Project Timeline app.
  • The time range slider (the “zoom” level, effectively) settings cannot be saved in the graph.

My questions:

  1. What’s the simplest possible way for me to define the Start and End dates on a Burndown chart that doesn’t require manually inputting dates each time it’s viewed?
  2. Is it possible to filter which specific Phases are graphed in a Burndown chart?
  3. In the Burndown chart, is it possible to extend the viewable range beyond today’s date as the End Date? I’ve created Phases that exist after today’s date, but none of the settings I modify allow me to extend the range of the graph beyond today’s date.

Thanks in advance!