Countdown Widget

We use the countdown widget in almost all of our status reports, but there are two easy fixes that could make it WAY better:

  1. Set the target date based on an existing field
    For example: Episode>Delivery Date
    This way we don’t need to update the date in multiple places. It would also allow us to use the countdown widget in a dynamic page like the episode detail page (a page that changes based on your episode context).

  2. Allow an option to omit weekends (or non-work days)
    It would be nice to have a countdown that reflects our work schedule.


I created a calculated field that mimics the Countdown widget. You can add this as a field to your detail view canvas pages. I’ve also given it some custom color rules to help draw attention to the info if the countdown is “Overdue”. Here’s the formula:


Replace “sg_pencils_down” with your field name that contains your due date. The last clause is the formula that calculates the number of days till a specific date, and the first clause prevents an error if your sg_pencils_down field is blank. In that case it will appear as 0. I tried “” instead of 0, but it needs to be a float value, not a text/string. Not sure how to indicate a null float value using this tool.