How to update "days until deadline" in project details

I’ve created a new project, and in the project details, it says -531 days until deadline. I don’t see any option to change this anywhere. I’ve set the start and end date in the project timeline, but this has no effect on the “days until deadline” for some reason. How do I change it?

It sounds like a countdown widget - which unfortunately cannot be tied to any date field so updating other places wont do any good.

You need to edit the page in design mode and edit the widget specifically to manually change the date. I usually skip those widgets since they are such a pain to update, they only display in days (no weeks option) and can’t be tied to any other date fields. As much as they look like they could be helpful - they’re way more pain than their worth IMO

Ah, that worked. Thank you so much for the answer.
I’ve submitted multiple support tickets with no reply from anyone, which is another issue with shotgrid. It’s been almost a week since I submitted them. I don’t know if I will be purchasing this software if I can’t get any support.

I’m not familiar with the “days until deadline” counter however you could look into creating a calculated field that calculates the days until deadline from other field data.