Creating a Field Calculation which takes the bid and assigned to's capacity

I’m newer to Shotgrid, and I’ve not figured out the difference between Bid and Duration, but I’m trying to figure out a solution to my issue.

I have people who are manager artists, so 50% of their time is on managing, and 50% is on asset work. If we go through different assets and add a Bid(lets say 5 days) for an asset, the duration in most cases will be the same.

If I set the person’s capacity to 50%, and assign it to that person I would expect the duration to be twice as long as the bid, since they are only working on it 50% of the time.

I have 2 questions:
1.) Is there a way to adjust the duration automatically to take into its initial rate to take into consideration the assigned person.
2) Create a new field called “Cal Days”, which calculates (Bid days/Assigned User’s Capacity). Then maybe use an automation to trigger when someone is assigned to a task to update duration based on this field?

Bid and Duration are often the same number, but can differ for the Capacity example you give.
Bid can be regarded as Effort.
Duration is for scheduling: Start Date + Duration = Due Date.
They are not automatically connected unless you write an automation to connect them.
The answers to both your 2 questions involve automations. You can write these using the Event Daemon and trigger the plugin (event daemon code) off changes Bid or Capacity.

*Although it is possible to connect them by a formula/automation, that may not be advisable as you may spend more time working against that formula for the inevitable exceptions that will doubtless arise.

I’ll have to look up more on the Event Daemon since I’m not familiar with any of that. Do you need a software engineer to do all this, or is it pretty user-friendly?

To confirm, Duration does not by default take into consideration the assignee’s capacity?

It’s not connected to capacity at all

You need a pipeline developer (like me) for that.

There is an event daemon which is a server software that runs on a machine and checks shotgrid for events and processes events and runs custom code to do custom updates.

There are also now webhooks that can be used for this too and don’t require a locally hosted machine.