Some questions about resource planning

Hi all,

I want to adopt resource planning to my studio but I still have some questions

  • What is the best practice to set up the user for the vendor? we give them only 1 active user per each. but they may work with multiple teams and multiple projects
  • does it need to use the Contract entity?
  • How should we configure the workload? can we use the bid field instead of the duration one? I don’t want to overload work to the production team that they have to input accurate data to the duration field too. since we already set the bid. or you could tell me what is the best to do.


You mentioned Vendor, are you a Production using ShotGrid or are you a VFX/Animation studio using ShotGrid with your own artist team but also with outside vendors?

I mean we use sg for inhouse production and will give sg user for our freelance
and sometimes they might be another studio or group of people.

I think Resource Planning works best when the data in ShotGrid pertains t actual users (including in your case your client users).

If you had only 1 client user per vendor (whilst they have a team) then I’m not sure how you wanted to track workload and other things for a whole team behind that 1 vendor user.