Multiple Departments for Resource Planning

Hi everyone,

We are currently testing the Resource Planning feature on ShotGrid. I’ve collected a few questions regarding the feature:

  • Is it possible to change the department field to a multi-entity field to allow a HumanUser entity to have multiple departments? This could be really valuable for us because sometimes we have artists that do both Design and Compositing.
  • If possible, would this break anything? Such as connecting the Pipeline Steps and Departments.
  • Would the Resource Planning feature work with a multi-entity field for Department? Or can it only use the single-entity field for Department?

I hope these questions make sense.

Kind regards,

Hi @Ademir! I think that this thread might have the information that you’re looking for: Resource Planning Setup - Why can't I map multiple Departments to a single Pipeline Step?

Let me know if not and I’ll see if we can find answers to your questions.