Issues with resource planning

Hello. I am not sure if there was something I missed in the setup or if its just bugged, but for some reason workload is only showing for one department. On top of that, if I try to see data for a specific project or department, it never loads that information and just seems to load infinitely.


Hello @xizted,

regarding the workload only appearing in one department, this can definitely be related to a setup issue:

  • If Tasks are not assigned to a Pipeline Step their workload will appear in the “No Department” section. Check the Tasks > Pipeline Step fields.
  • If the Pipeline Step > Department mapping is’t performed their workload will also appear in the “No Department” section: Have a look at the “Pipeline Step” Admin page to see if the “Department” field is set properly for all “Pipeline Step” that you use.
  • If the Task > Workload field is configured in a specific way and some input fields are not populated properly. On the Task page/grid verify that the Tasks > Workload field values are correct/not zero.

It might be something else though. We’re seeing server errors related to the infinite spinners that you mention in our monitoring system. We’ve fixed most of them already but now, out of all the Resource Planning usage, only 6 errors occurred since the last fix on only 2 sites. It includes yours. So far those issues were related to specific Task <> Assignment data. Not all the Department/Project were failing.

Another fix related to that will be deployed early next week but it would help if you could narrow down which Task is actually causing the issue and what’s special about it so that we could make sure to properly treat the specific case we’re seeing with your data. Is the Task assigned to multiple users and groups? To a user that was deleted, a deleted Pipeline Step or Department> Can you think of anything special related to the Task (or Tasks) that makes the view fail? To narrow down you can play with the time range to figure in which period exactly is or are the Tasks at fault.

Thx for a lot for your help!


I may have found the issue for the stuff showing only for one department. I had assigned all departments to all pipeline steps, but it seems like you can only have a single department for each pipeline steps. For us this makes resource planning pretty much unusable as we use pipeline steps for pass definitions. That means that for all of the pipeline steps there are multiple departments that work on those tasks. We do have a department field for all our tasks, are there plans to possibly enable it so we could use that instead of mapping pipeline steps?

Thanks for sharing the outcome of your investigation with us. Happy that you figured it out. We’ll study that behaviour. As far as Department usage instead of Pipeline Step > single Department, thanks for your post on the dedicated topic. Let’s continue the discussion there.