Project Capacity still showing as 0

I’m trying to get Resource Planning set up for the first time and I think there are some things I’m not understanding about how it works.

I’ve set the % Allocations for Artists on the People page, so I see a properly calculated Capacity when I look at the Department view. But even though I created Bookings for all artists in one Project, with all of them set at 100% Allocation, that Project (as well as the ones I didn’t create Bookings for) still shows 0 Capacity. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @tinatsu! If you’re seeing the Capacity calculated correctly when you look at the Department view, then it sounds like you have probably gone through all the setup steps correctly. Creating a Booking for the Project should make Capacity appear for the Project as well.

However, there is a known bug where Contracts that have been deleted can be included in the calculations for Capacity, which may cause the Project Capacity to show as being lower than you would expect. Can you check in the Trash on your site to see if there are any Contracts in the Trash that are assigned to people who you’ve created Bookings for?

If you do find Contracts in the Trash, you can “fix” this bug by reviving the Contract, unassigning it from any artists, then deleting it again.

It could also be possible that your site has Work Schedules which are effecting the Capacity calculation, so this would be worth checking as well, but I think then you would see an incorrect calculation for the Department Capacity too.

Thanks for the response.

We don’t have any Contracts that I can find anywhere. And Department Capacity does seem to be calculating correctly, although Workload is probably not.

I have two projects where I didn’t create any Bookings and one where I did, although all three do have shots, tasks, bid numbers, and artists assigned to shots. In the two without Bookings, Resource Planning view for the Department and those Projects shows my artists and their assigned tasks for that project, but Capacity when viewed in the Project is (correctly) at 0 because I don’t have Bookings for them in those projects.

In the Project where I do have Bookings for my artists, Capacity shows 0 and also they are all showing as being OFF and their tasks don’t show up, even when I check from the Department View.

I don’t have Project-specific Work Schedules set up–it looks the same in all of them. Maybe it’s showing them as Off is because their tasks aren’t being registered/showing up?

they are all showing as being OFF

Could you clarify what you mean by the artists showing as being “off”?
You could have people specific work schedules that are impacting this, so that would be worth checking if you didn’t already.

their tasks don’t show up

Since the Tasks aren’t showing up, it would also be good to double check that the Tasks you’re expecting to see have a Pipeline Step set that maps to the Department for the people who are assigned to these tasks. If the Department <-> Pipeline Step mapping isn’t set up correctly, then the Tasks won’t count towards Workload for those Departments. You can check this on the “Departments (Global)” page, the Pipeline Steps column for each Department should include the Pipeline Step that you’re using for that Department’s Tasks.

By OFF I mean that all People are showing as having an “Off Day.” I don’t have any work schedules set up specifically for any people or projects. The global Work Schedule is set up for Monday-Friday. In all the Projects, all Artists are showing as “Off Day” unless they have tasks assigned for a Project during that Duration. Then on those weekdays, I see the calculation for how many days of work is assigned.

It looks like the tasks weren’t mapped to the Pipeline Step, so fixing that means the tasks are now showing up. So success there!

Capacity for all Projects --whether they have Bookings or not – is still at 0, but Department Capacity is still correct. So we’re back to the original issue of Project Capacity showing as 0 even though I have Bookings on that Project.

Thanks for clarifying @tinatsu! I was trying to figure out how I could replicate the artist showing as having an ‘off day’ and the only way I could make this happen was that if they had no Bookings or if their allocation on the People entity was set to 0%. I threw together a little PDF demonstrating what I think might be happening here, maybe it will help you troubleshoot the issue.
resource_planning_project_capacity.pdf (253.4 KB)

If this still doesn’t help to clarify anything, I would recommend putting in a support ticket so we can dig in a little more.

Thanks for the PDF. Unfortunately that didn’t help. My Artists are allocated at 100% in People and in their Booking for the Project. What I would think that means is that the Project with Bookings should show up as having Capacity from all of my Artists.

In the Department view, they show up as underutilized, because the Capacity and Workload is being calculated. But none of the Projects are registering any Capacity, regardless of whether there are Bookings or not.

I’m going to play around some more and see if I can figure it out. If not, will submit a support ticket. Thanks for you time and assistance!