Does resource planning capacity use historical data for the past?

Question, given that a person’s “% capacity” could change over time, is that change reflected in the output from the Resource Planning page when graphing out a time frame that includes the past?

For example if we had a single theoretical artist “Fred”, and Fred’s “% capacity” was set to 0% on Jan 1st and then set to 100% on Feb 1st, and I graphed out our capacity from Jan 1st to Feb 28th in Resource Planning - would I see a line that stays at 0% until Feb 1st and then jumps to 100%?



Answering my own question in case someone else looks for this. It appears that the “% capacity” field is not calculated over time, and the current setting applies to all time.

Hi @laurenceC
I believe the capacity value is aimed as more of a roll definition than something that is scheduled over time. That said, if you leverage bookings on a person (on a project or leave) it does impact their capacity value and those are scheduled items

Thanks Pete, looks like we need to use bookings to reflect this. We have situations where roles change for people as projects change, so calculating capacity becomes tricky.

I think the capacity field is more aimed at level of experience.

I.e. a Junior Modeller may be capacity 50% where a Senior is 100%.
You may also have people in the studio that consistently overproduce where their capacity is above 100%.