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Hi there!

I’m starting to set up the Resource planning in Shotgrid and it looks pretty cool but I’m wondering if there’s a way to get the following data (I might be missing something):

I’ve introduced the contract starts/end dates for our artists, is there any way I can see how many people I’m going to have in the Studio/ Department on a monthly/weekly basis based on those contract lengths in a Shotgrid page?

So far I can see our capacity in days vs the workload, which it’s great, but it would be great to have also the artists count.



Hello Diana!

The Capacity curves are actually expressed in “number of person(artist) per day”. They are basically showing the number of person available to work for every given day. Person status, Contract, Bookings and WorkSchedules are taken into account to compute the sum of “person” available per day. With Resource Planning you can have that capacity information either per day or week for the Studio, Department or Projects.

It’s true though that it does not “exactly” corresponds to the Artist count. This is because the Capacity value can be modulated by a Person “% Capacity” or a Booking “% Allocation”. This allows for non-artist to be excluded from the computation or to account for part-time creative work contributor like leads for example. You’re right though that a strait/not modulated Artist count per day would be useful. Unfortunately it’s not possible to extract those “non-modulated” numbers right now but we take note of that request.

Thx for the feedback and suggestion.


Hi Bolducati ,

If i have set non-working days (vacation) in work schedule > people , do i still need to bother to key in allocation% to 0% in project bookings ?

Hello @cha , no need to use Booking % allocation or Booking Vacations. If you’re using Work Schedule to set vacations, they have precedence and affect the capacity curve. No capacity is accounted for on non-working days entered in the Work Schedule.

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