Remove "days" from Timelog Duration field

When exporting timelogs to a CSV file, the Duration field includes the word “day” or “days” as a suffix to each value. This requires us to first apply a formula to omit these words before we can format the duration field as a number and aggregate it in any meaningful way. This is a request to the Shotgrid team to omit these words from the duration field, or at the very least have the words removed upon export. No other numerical field in Shotgrid (or any other software that I am aware of) includes the unit as text in the field itself, so this would just align this field with Shotgrid as a whole.


Hey @llaflotte ,

I would recommend you make a ticket with them so they can put it in their backlog properly.

You can make a ticket via the support ticket site:
(choose "Post Purchase Support → Help me use my Software → ShotGrid → etc…)
Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Thanks. Unfortunately, it wont let me submit because I’m not an admin.

You can try adding it to the roadmap:

The button to add your idea seems to be half hidden behind the autodesk RV Opensource announcement bar but it is clickable.

Sneaky! Submitted. Thanks!

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