Changing work week and hours per day

Changing work week and hours per day

Has anyone changed an existing ShotGrid site to/from to a different hours per day/days of week? If so any potential pitfalls I should look out for when migrating, and what settings should I adjust? I’m investigating the impact of changing the work hours of one of our SG sites.

I’m guessing I would need to change:

  1. “Hours in a work day” setting in Site Preferences > Scheduling and Resource Planning.
  2. Update the default Work Schedules.

Based on the description of Hours in a work day setting, this will end up updating most/all of the Task records. This would mean that I will need to make this change in off hours. We have a ShotgunEvents server and another service that pays attention to new EventLog records and updating hundreds of thousands of tasks takes a while to process. Not that I should be making these changes in the middle of the work day anyway.

When we looked at changing the days/week for an in-production site, it was a BIG deal.

Changing the hours in a day will affect the display of any Duration field depending on how users input the values.
Duration values are stored internally as seconds, but values can be input as minutes/hours/days/weeks/months.
When changing the Site to a different number of hours/day, you’d want to change the Duration value for any fields where they were input originally as Days/Weeks/Months, but NOT if they were input as Minutes/Hours. But there is no record of how the values were input.

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