Time logged change settings from days to hours

Hello, I am trying to change the settings of my time logged, from days to hours, since the templated I have does not includes hours. I want to be able to introduce 2h, 40 h, but right now , if I introduce those numbers, SG makes a calculation taking as a base the days and is not working for me. I have navigate a lot to see where I can change this settings but without anything found. Could anyone help me please. Thanks

An admin can go into the Site settings and change teh date/time formats for the site but be aware that this may recalculate some fields.

Thanks a lot. Is ok I am admin and just starting from 0 the SG site so the change will not affect the calculations. Butt where exactly is this site settings you are mentioning. I have search in many places and have not achieved to find this option. Thanks again

Thanks a lot!!! It worked!