Timelogs report and hours-to-days conversion

I’m trying to work on a report to get information of timelogs per person and totals per project. I created a new page based on a Grid view that collects data from Timelogs.

I created a view of timelogs grouped by Person > Link > Date and the columns are the task name, Duration (from timelog entity) and a calculated field I did to convert de duration into days.

Using the Summary option of each column, I can see the totals for each day, each link and each person.

I’d like that, for those days the summary of timelogs is higher than 8 hours, it counts it as one day. So, as the image below, for a sum of 9 hrs in a day, I’d like the ‘Days count’ to show “1” instead of “1.1”.

Is there any way to get this?

Many thanks!


Hi Andres,

Welcome to the community, and thanks for your question! Is your “Days count” field a calculated field? If so, you could use the FIXED type conversion to remove the decimals, e.g. FIXED(3.141592,0) would produce an output of 3. You can read more about those here:

Let us know if that gets you the result you’re after.


Hello Brandon!

Thanks for your answer. I tried to added “FIXE( … )” to my previous formula so it keeps as:
FIXED(TO_DAYS({duration}), 0)

Unluckily I don’t get the result expected. For those fields with a value less than 4, the resulting “Days count” is 0. Additionally, I lost the summary per day, so I cannot see the total timelog per day, link or person:


I don’t know if there’s any way of having conditional formulas (IF… THEN…) so maybe I coulg get the results expected.