Duration field rounding

Can you change the rounding for duration fields, there seem to be some issues with x.25 days with 7.5h workdays and while that hopefully is just a visual bug, can I somehow make the duration field be rounded to two decimal points so it wont cause any confusion as exporting those values will show duration as 8.2511 as an example. Just to explain the image, 8.2511 was entered as 8.25 and 8.7511 was entred as 8.75

Is that a custom Duration field, a calculated field, or a stock one on something like a Task? The only display control over Duration fields is the choice between days or hours as the unit of time shown.

I’ve tried using both Task duration fields, and a custom field of type Duration and entered both 8.25 and 8.75 directly into each and the values displayed are exactly what I entered w/o the trailing 1’s.

My picture was not the best, what is the workdays length in your example? I am using the default duration field and I think it could have something to do with having 7.5h workdays

It seems to also happen on custom duration fields and so far I have only had the issue with x.25 and x.75 durations

Ahh, that was the key detail I’d missed, the 7.5 hour workday. I’ll reconfigure my test site to that and report back.

Hi @xizted,

It looks like you’ve just stumbled on a bug related to how we store duration data. We’ve been able to reproduce this issue internally and we’ve written up a ticket for our engineering team to address.

Thanks for noticing this.


Thanks, hope you will get it fixed, I always assumed I was doing something wrong but this should help out our process a lot as we dont need to clean up the odd rounding.


Hello. Have you found the cause of the issue, do you know if/when it can be fixed?


Beyond reproducing the bug and reporting it to our engineering team, there hasn’t been any further progress made on this bug. We don’t have a current ETA for when it may be addressed, but we will be sure to post here when it is.