How do I set up a calculated field to add up all the values in a column?

Hi, how would I set up a calculated field that adds up all the values in particular column, similar to the sum function in excel? For instance, on this particular project we’re just using a column that contains the number of a hours an artists worked on a vfx shot. Want to be able to see the sum of those hours added up for all rows/shots in that column. Thanks!


do you mean “set up the Field summary”?
If so, check this link out :slight_smile: I hope it helps!


Yes, this works perfectly, thank you!

Glad it helped!

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Is there a way to input decimal numbers or fractions (ex- 1 1/2 hours) into the the numbers field? One issue I ran into was that I had set up a text field for all the artist hours, but that when using field summary on a text field, you don’t have a “sum” option. So the text field seems to be the incorrect choice for what I’m trying to do to keep track of artist hours. Today I created a number field instead, and I see that the “sum” function in the field summary works exactly as intended where it’s adding up all the entries in a column, but I noticed I can only input whole numbers in the cells using “number” as the field tye. Is there a way around this?

Hi Pcosta!

Please , take this only as a suggestion. In your particular case I would use
Duration for working hours.

FLOAT is a type of field that allows you to store numeric data that includes decimals and commas. For example, 30.5 and 30,500.

Float type could be an option too, but for working hours I would recommend you to go for duration just remember to set it up for Hours in stead of days.

Here you have a little article regarding data admin, you will find each type of field and how the show the date.

I hope this helps you to identify all the options you have when creating a field and picking the right one for what you need :slight_smile:

General Documentation regarding fields and fields administration.

Youtube SG: Managing and Configuring Fields

Let me know how I goes !


Float works perfectly, thanks again Tam!

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