Caculated Field Error


I’ve been trying to create a system where a few calculated fields are working together in order to calculate a department estimate based on complexity. It throws an error at the end asking me to reach out to support.

The steps currently are:

  1. Workrates are set in custom fields (1-5 Type 1) | Field Type “Float”

  1. User selects difficulty (1-5 stars) | Field Type “List”

  1. Fields (1-5 Type 2) detects what difficulty was selected | Field Type “Calculated”

*IF({sg_shot_complexity___animation} = “1 STAR”, {sg_anim_1star_workrate}1, 0)

So far so good!

It essentially gives me 5 fields (e.g. if 1 star was selected on a shot)

workrate 1star (e.g. 1)

Now I want to sum up these fields to determine which star rating was used. Which works also well as an addition in a calculated field.


This field is called sg_anim_star_shot_sum

My error occurs now when I try to utilise “sg_anim_star_shot_sum” together in a division with another calculated field “sg_anim_durchar_multi”

sg_anim_durchar_multi (calculated field) of two two number type fields (manual input).

The Division test (and last step) is


This shows the following error to contact support.

Is it possible to solve this? I’m one step away of being able to implement this calculation system across all my shot departments.

Thanks for bearing with me until this far. This is probably causing a number of questions.