Complex Calculated Fields

Yesterday, I got backed into a corner with a very complicated calculation field. As it turns out calculated fields have a 500 character limit and 20 field constraint. This is not documented. In the process of wiring up a pretty complicated calc with nested IF statements and formulas, I hit this ceiling. Support was able raise the ceiling a bit, but the character length is somewhat arbitrary. In reality a user could make a fairly complicated calc with short field name (sg_a, sg_b, sg_c, etc, etc) or a simple calc with meaningful descriptive field names and easy hit these constraints. I thought I would share my findings here.

Also hitting an issue where I would like to concatenate multiple string with new line characters. This doesn’t seem supported. Has anyone found success with concatenation fields with new line strings between them? I am trying to make the resulting calc pretty in the grid view with wrapping, but also using this functionality to help with external tools that require nice formatting.