Linkin fields without using daemon

Hi all,

I have a custom field that is simply meant to shot the status text of a shot so that I can use it in status reports without the clients wondering what the icons mean.
In a SG daemon I am trying to keep that fiels in sync with the shots’ native status field but unfortunatelt the deamon frame work has never been 100% reliable for me and it tends to crash and not update things as expected.

Is there any way to make this happen with a calculate field so I don’t have to rely on the daemon?


god how thick I am sometimes. Nevermind, all it took was a calculated field with {sg_status_text} in it.

Gah, ignore the “solution”, I was referencing the very field I am trying to replace.
But I RTFMed so I think the solution is a lengthy IF construct combined with TO_CODE({sg_status_list}) to turn the status code into a proper string readable by clients

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So just to wrap up my little monologue for posterity, this is the sort of calculation I needed:
if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "dlvr", "Delivered", if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "ip", "In Progress", "to_code({sg_status_list})"))


Sooo, turns out the calculation field only taks a limited amount of characters, so when I try to expand on the above solution to include all used statuses the string is too long for the field.
So two questions spring to mind:
1 - if I do this via the api will it take any string, no matter how long?
2 - can’t the above solution be simplified to simply look up the full label of each status rather than manually having to check the code and translate it to the same string?



+1 for 2…

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So it looks like using the API has the same limitation, and if a string is assigned that is too long the field will just error in SG.
E.g. if I assign one more if statment to the below spaghetti code it will break the field:

calc = """if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "dlvr", "Delivered", if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "ip", "In Progress", if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "wtg", "Waiting To Start", if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "omt", "Omit", if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "hld", "On Hold", if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "rdy", "Ready To Start", if(to_code({sg_status_list}) = "fin", "Final", to_code({sg_status_list}))))))))"""
properties = {"calculated_function": calc}
sg.schema_field_update("Shot", "sg_status_text", properties)

So, any clever ideas to dynamically look up the field name based on it’s code? Cause that would be nice and tidy.