New ShotGrid feature for Admins: Status support for Calculated Fields

ShotGrid’s latest update brings you improved Calculated Fields with newly integrated support for Statuses. Admins and Producers can now do even more data analysis! Start using TO_STATUS and TO_CODE today.

Learn more about Status support on the ShotGrid Help page for Calculated Fields

Additionally, we’ve added a new logic expression: IS_EMPTY, so you can now handle situations where you want to report results which include empty/blank cells, like:

to_status(if(is_empty({due_date}), "", if(and({sg_status_list} <> "fin", {due_date} < today()), "late", "ontime")))

Which allows you to make any task that is not Final and has a due date in the past be marked with “late” status, otherwise they are marked as “ontime” (unless it has no due date, in which case leave the status empty/null/blank)