8.34 Release Notes

Release date: February 1, 2022

We released the following updates since 8.33:

Support for statuses and a logical expression for empty/blank/null cells

Admins and Producers - we’ve added support for statuses and a logical expression for empty/blank/null cells!

We would love to hear about how you are using Calculated Fields—please share by posting about it in our community and spread the :nerd_face::heart:! We hope you enjoy these final improvements to our Calculated Field functionality!

User Menu Customization - Internal Resources

Admins and Producers - you can now customize the User Menu to include Internal Resources! :raised_hands:

Internal Resources are a type of Action Menu Item (AMI) which allows for scalability:

  • Admins can manage Internal Resources from one centralized place: the Action Menu Item page.
  • With permission controls, Admins can restrict internal resources to specified permission groups.
  • Filtering, grouping, and sorting capabilities can be applied to the Action Menu Item page to help Admins view information in an organized way.
  • Additional fields can be created on Action Menu Items to help track more meta-data when necessary.

Check out this short workflow video and learn how Internal Resources are easy for Admins to add and update:

Learn more about Internal Resources here.

Other improvements

  • Added “Latest” checkbox to Published Files pages for displaying the latest Published File versions. [SG-24816]
  • A banner and popup will be displayed to inform users that their session has expired or will expire soon. More specifically, session durations are no longer refreshed with background calls and align with the User Session Expiry duration, configured under Security in Site Preferences. [SG-23913]

  • Added short-circuit behavior support for Calculated Field IF functions. [SG-25100]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed how a dependent task’s Start Date resolved when an upstream task’s End Date updated in the grid’s cell. [SG-24018]
  • Fixed a condition in Screening Room where the details pane contained notes from multiple submissions. [SG-24388]
  • Improved the task grid start/due/duration fields bulk edit refreshing. [SG-24751]
  • When editing multiple tasks in the Gantt with drag and drop, selected tasks that are not visible in the Gantt were not set to the right dates. [SG-24509]
  • Improved performance on dependent entity cascading when retiring entities. [SG-6286]

We hope you enjoy this latest updates!

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Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue with loading the Trash → File page. [SG-25303] (Monday February 7, 2022)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue where users could not edit or create new filters that use the “is_empty” condition on a Thumbnail field. [SG-25308]
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  • A valid Email address, as well as First and Last Names (limited to 40 characters), are now required prior to adding a Person. Previously, an error message would appear after adding a Person when these requirements were not met. [SG-25733] (Thursday February 17, 2022)


  • When removing a Status from a Project, more information is now presented about the repercussions as well as the option to hide the Status instead. [SG-18333]
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Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue with Screening Room and Screening Room for RV not displaying any Versions from a custom Versions page with custom filters applied. [SG-25805] (Monday February 28, 2022)

Bug fix:

  • Various security fixes. [SG-25735]