Workload Configuration


I’m looking to configure my workload to display the task bid, unless the task is set to compete in which case I would like it to display the time logged.

Is there a way to achieve this?


This morning I seen on the release notes that this was added. I was able to use the formula:


@shaynad my idea behind this is to have the Resource Planner to update automatically as shots get approved, so on a daily basis i can see my resources go into the blue or red via the planner and react accordingly. It worked this morning however ive noticed at the end of the day that the sg_status_list isnt there anymore. Hoping that’s just temporary and its back soon

Hi @Scott_Ramsay , unfortunately, we had to temporarily roll back ShotGrid due to a major regression: ShotGrid Status - Service Degradation - ShotGrid

The functionality should be back on Monday I believe. Sorry about that!

Awesome! thanks for the quick reply

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@Scott_Ramsay one of our developers (who had a site we could test with) double checked your calculation and it looks good!