Linked Fields and Calculated Fields in Query Fields


At the moment, shotgun can’t use query fields in calculated fields.
You also can’t use linked fields in calculated fields, which is a massive obstacle for us in a lot of cases.

We can make duct-tape solutions using the API, but has anyone found a way to get around this with general use of the UI in shotgun?


-Phil F


Bump from me - I’m struggling with calculated fields too.
The worst part is, that it seems that they had a solution ready, but decided not to include it in shotgun - see here:

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Jeez, all the way back in 2015. Brutal.

I wonder why it was never implemented?

Me too… Such an important feature

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Hi all - I just came across this thread and have some good news to deliver! Linked fields are now supported in calculated fields - check it out:

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