WorkSchedules for Departments or Groups or Pipeline Steps?

Hi there! Has there been any discussion or thought put into allowing WorkSchedules for Departments and/or Group and/or Pipeline Steps?

We represent the high-level functions at our studio with Departments – like, VFX and Puppets and Rapid Prototyping. We then represent various sub-functions within the Departments by Groups (we tend to use the term Shops) – like, within VFX there might be modeling and layout and lighting, within Puppets there might be armatures and casting and molding, within Rapid there might be facial anim and printing and QA. We then have Pipeline Steps that right now map directly to Departments, tho we’re moving more towards Steps that map to the Shops.

The issue we’re dealing with is that some Shops want to set their working schedules – like, the CNC Shop or the Laser Cutting Shop might want to block-out a couple of weeks where they’re going to be shut down for maintenance or equipment upgrades, and so they don’t want to allow scheduling tasks during a black-out period.

Right now we accomodate this by making other Tasks, but that doesn’t really use the programmatic features of Shotgun to automatically reschedule / adjust / split Tasks so that they don’t overlap non-working days. One workaround might be to create a “bot” HumanUser that represents a Shop, and assign a Shop’s Tasks to that bot and set the WorkSchedule for that bot with the black-out days. But since Tasks can be Assigned To Groups just as well as HumanUsers, it seems like it would be good to also be able to set WorkSchedules for Groups (Shops) just like HumanUsers.



Hi @taiello,

I would love this feature too!
We should be able to set Work Schedules by Departments, Groups and even Sites!
We are a multi-site studio and each site has their own holidays.