Track progress of frame quota

I saw a post similar to what I’m looking for but didn’t seem to quite hit what I need. Our team is looking to make a graph that will allow animators to see the progression through their allocated frames for the week. Has anyone done this before?

You likely would need to track this using Reels?

You can do this but it would need a little bit of setup.

You should be able to make widget for the tasks entity and then graphing the Due date. You can group the data by status and Show a summary for Frames as Sum on those tasks. Here it is how it would look like


Shot Frames in the screenshot is a custom field in the task entity that just calculates the Frames on the shot linked to the task.

Hope this makes sense and is helpful

Thanks! It seems like the custom field was the missing piece I was looking for. However, it seems like there has been a field created for frame count but it is greyed out. This might be impossible to say but any idea why this might be?

I think tis greyed out because it is a query field. And you can’t use query fields in graphs. What you would want to use is a calculated field and just pull the Shot Frame data in there.