Assign a Artist to a Day


I would like to be able to assign an artist to a day and then link a project, episode and phase to that artist.

Ex. 17/03/20 Assign: Animator A > Linked: Project A, Episode B, Block 1

I would then like to create a calendar that displays artist in a column to the left and days in a row up top. Where an artist crosses over with a day their assigned to, the box will display the linked items.

This would be my resource calendar, I can quickly see what each of my artists are doing each day and see where artists have free time, so I can manage my resources.

I’d also like to create a new widget that displays 3 bits of information, based on the filters we’ve selected.

  1. Frame Count: This would add up all the frames, from the shots that are assigned to the selected artist on the selected project during the selected phase.

Ex. Artist > Animator A
Phase > Block 1
Project > Project B
= 4000

  1. Days: This would display the number of days the artist is assigned to during the selected filters.

Ex. Artist > Animator A
Phase > Block 1
Project > Project B
= 15

  1. Daily Quota: This would display the average frame count each animator would have to hit during each phase in order to meet deadlines.

Ex. Artist > Animator A
Phase > Block 1
Project > Project B
= 267

With this widget I’ll be able to instantly tell if I have assigned to much or too little to a animator.

With these two things I’ll be able to manage the animation department very efficiently.

Any thoughts?


Hi Scott,

Welcome to the community! We can approximate some of those things right now, but not perfectly as you’ve described them. Here’s a quick mockup based on how I understand some of your described views:

I’m a little unsure what the “Block” organizational level is, so it’s not here. I’m on a Task page grouping by Assigned To, then Project, then Episode. I have the Link > Shot > Cut Duration column exposed so I can see the frame count for each. I’m not sure why that value is not showing a sum for each group level (need to look into that). You can also see the duration over which these users are scheduled.

For calculating the quota, We currently don’t have a great way to sum up the cut duration of a set of Shots and then show the average over which its Tasks are assigned to give you the avg. frames per unit of time (day, week, etc.) needed to complete it. This sort of requirement would be great to submit to our product team via the roadmap site. More info about how to do that in this thread.

I hope that gives you some ideas about what is currently possible. Let us know if you have added questions!

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Thanks for the reply. Afraid that’s not quite what I’m looking for. I already have something similar to what you’ve shown me. (See Attached)

Currently I use a Excel Sheet to track my artist days, so they’re all booked to a day throughout the year to match our schedule. For example if I want to see what Animator A is doing in November, I can see they’re booked to work on Episode B, during the Blocking Phase.

Then I use another Excel Sheet to assign shots from a episode to a animator and calculate their average frame count.

I’m trying to move away from Excel and have these sums built within SG.


Nice, Scott! Looks like you have a good handle on what the page layouts are currently capable of achieving.

Right now calculated fields can only perform calculations against data on the same record. For your average frames it sounds like you need to aggregate the total frames for each users Tasks, divided by the number of days over which they are assigned. Is that correct? If so, the only way to derive that sort of data right now would be via the API. Either an automated process with Webhooks or the Event Daemon, or an on demand tool like an Action Menu Item would populate the result in a custom field.

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Hi Brandon,

Can you please share how you exposed the Link > Shot .> Duration column, coz’ when I’m trying to build the same page that you have I’m not getting the frame count.

Hey Burny,

When on a Task page click on the Fields button, then scroll all the way to the bottom to find a section with the label “Linked Fields.” There you’ll navigate through Link > Shot > Cut Duration. Hope that helps!

Hey Brandon,

Thanks for the reply, I tried that earlier but the Link option in the Linked Fields is not available :frowning:

May be its hidden or I’m not sure why I’m unable to see it.

Very strange. If that’s not appearing as an option for you from your Tasks page there may be some permissions rule at play, or something wrong with the site configuration. Your best bet may be to reach out to support so they can look at your site directly and make a determination.