Calculate the total seconds of entities linked to a single entity

So let’s say I have a “shootday” entity and I want a total of seconds calculated in one of it’s fields from all the takes listed in another one of it’s fields. Is this even possible or should I just run a process to add them all and put them in that field? It’s not like it’s going to change later.

Yes, this is possible. You would need two entities: a shootday entity and a takes entity. Each take has a duration and is linked to a shootday. On the shootday table, you could use a query field to show you the sum of all the duration values of the takes linked to that shoot day (either as the primary link or, if takes are already linked to something else-- sequences or scenes, for example, you’d set up a separate link field). I don’t have your exact tables in my project, but I’ve attached an example of what the query field settings would look like.

On your shootday field you’d add a new query field. In the query filter:
Entity = takes
Find Takes which match all of the following conditions
link (or, if not the primary link, whatever you name your custom link field) is Current Shootday
Show Summary of [Duration] calculated by Sum

One caveat: Shotgrid does not allow you to filter or sort by query fields (please, please, please fix this @shotgrid_managers ), so you would need to export the data into a spreadsheet if you needed to filter or sort this.