Only one file can be linked to a task entity

Only one file can be linked to a task entity

I created a file tab in the task entity, but only one file is linked.
Uploading a new file breaks the link to the old file.

When I tried launching a new Shotgun as a trial, I was able to link multiple files.

Is there any configuration required in my Shotgun config to link multiple files?


Hi @ra_teionn,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

Could you please give us more explanation, like reproducing steps as well as a few screenshots (with private information mosaic-ed) to help us understand the situation you are seeing here? Feel free to send us a request here if you feel like to share your site with us, or email with all the details and screenshots attached.

We will dig more into this once more is shared.


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Hi ra_teionn,

It sounds like in each example, Files are being associated with your Task in different ways. In the first example you gave, it sounds like there is a single File/Link field on the Task that can only hold a single reference to a File or Link at a time.

In the second example with the detail page, it sounds like the Files tab is filtering for all Files where the Tasks field on the File record is the current Task (the tab configuration probably looks like the attached).

Do either of those cases sound like what you’re experiencing?