Published Files Entity and Task Entity doubt

Hi all,

I have noticed that the Published File entity has several entity fields, such as “Link” (codename “entity”), “Task” and “Version”.
When we look at these entities, both fileds “Link” (which can be an entity of types: Asset, Episode, Sequence and Shot) and “Version” (which represents a Version) have their corresponding “Published file ↔ Link” field and this is true for all of them, though the field name for the Version entity is just called “Published file” as opposed to what I expected it to be called: “Published file ↔ Version”.
But the “Task” field of the Published Field entity doesn’t create a corresponding “Published file ↔ Task” (or just “Published file” if we follow the other standard).

Is there a reason for this? Can it be activated anyhow?

Kind regards,