What is different between "delivery" entity's "version" fields?

I have a small problem at “delivery” entity.
one site which had “version_sg_deliveries_versions” field and I link versions to that.
on the other site I have no idea why but there was not field names “version_sg_deliveries_versions” so I created multi-entity field linked to “version”
like picture I attached.

probrem is one site show status of versions and another is not.
also one site jumpped to “version” page when I clicked but the other is not.

and I hopely to see status and move to “version” page when I clicked.

thank you.

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Hi @hat27,

Thanks for posting! We probably need to visit your site and take a closer look. Could you please email us at support@shotgunsoftware.com and share with us the Shotgun site which has the issue? Please add link to the post in your email as well for a quick understand of your situation.


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