Duplicate File/Linked fields when duplicate entity items

Although this could be already covered question and suggestion for “duplicate selected” function, because the function dosn’t share File/Linked filed when duplicate entity items(Currently we do a lot in CustomEntity itmes), we have to manually copy/paste to duplicated fields.

I know this might be solved by using API but only copying them with API is overdoing thing, I think. Just copy/paste url strings should be done within web ui and db backend system.
Is there any plan to impove UX around that duplication behaviour?

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Hi @kishikawa_takanori,

Good question! Files (Attachments) in Shotgun in a File/Link field work a little bit differently than data that’s stored in an entity or multi-entity field.

Attachments (a File/Link field’s contents are an Attachment even if it is a web link) are different from entity and multi-entity fields. You can’t “link” an attachment, in multiple places like an entity via a field, a new one is always created if you replace a field’s value. The difference makes for the different duplication behavior.

I can see how it’d be useful to populate this info, and even “share” the File between the records where it’s referenced. This would be a great idea to submit to our roadmap site.



Thank you for the reply.

Okay… I get the entity is different and duplicating links is not simple duplication… but I hope just coping web link is not so complex… I’ll send request to the roadmap site.

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