Duplicating a Version

Hello. I’m using the Event Deamon.

For some reasons, I need to duplicate some Versions. For example, I have VersionA in ProjectA. I need to have a copy of VersionA in ProjectB. The entity name linked to it may or may not vary.

I can duplicate the entries just fine. However, my problem is with the attachments. Specifically movies.

Currently I’m downloading the movie and reuploading it. This works, but seems extremely wasteful. Simply copying the sg_uploaded_movie field doesn’t work because it doesn’t recreate the thumbnail and the attachment ends up looking like a simple link instead of a proper video.

So, is there a way to avoid having to download and reupload the movies while maintaining all the functionality in the Media tab and thumbnails etc?



Hey @vtrvtr—I think the re-upload approach is your best option off-the-shelf and can’t think of a better way in the web UI to duplicate a version that brings along the source and transcoded media.

Some context: when you upload a piece of media to :shotgun:, we transcode into a handful of different formats to support all the browsers and such. When you duplicate a version, it’s just duplicating the record into, but not digging down into the connected media representations.

Anyone else out there know of a way?

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Hi @vtrvtr :wave:

Agree with Johnny that there isn’t another way to do this out to the box :confused: Best way to handle this is probably with an Action Menu Item (AMI). The API has a share_thumbnail() method that could be used in that AMI so you’re not duplicating data.

All that said though, could you help us learn more about the situation where you want the same version in two projects so we can understand your usage a bit more?


Hello to you two. Thanks for replies!

I couldn’t make the share thumbnail method work with filmstrips. It simply doesn’t do anything if you set that parameter to True.

As for the reason, it’s because we iterate projects quite often. That is, we have project A, we finish it, but then we will have project A2, which is just like A, but a little bit different, some times just a single shot different.

The reason we need a copied Version is because our reviewers need to have some context when they are reviewing a shot in project A2. The copied version is there to provide this context.

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Thanks for the additional context! That totally makes sense.

Regard the API call, :thinking: did you make sure that there is a static thumbnail in place first? It’s one of the requirements for ensuring that sharing filmstrip thumbnails work.


Oh, thanks Tram, I completely missed that tip! That’s very likely why it didn’t work.


Ah, great to hear! Hope that works out for you. Keep us posted if you need more help :blush:

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