Duplicate Version, share upload?

Is there any way to duplicate a Version without having to re-upload the media?
It would be nice if I could set the Version uploaded_media to the same s3 paths that the parent Version has to prevent the need to re-upload the same media.

I might be wrong but I think this can only be done if your studio takes over the transcoding trigger, and handles movie transcoding on your end as a standalone server, then you could mirror media all you wanted cause you’d be controlling the entire flowstate from movie to transcode to cloud…

you could switch to local-linked movies then you could just mirror that string but i’m assuming your purpose here is to get all the nice triggered fields that are auto filled with the sg_upload, and also have the media live on the cloud…

curious if anyone has done this without taking over the transcode, but I dont see any exposed fields that would support this.

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Yeah I think you’d have to take over the cloud setup.