I want to create a CustomEntity that allows movie uploads and filmstrip thumbnails

I want to create a CustomEntity that allows movie uploads and filmstrip thumbnails but I tried it and the api says “sg_uploaded_movie” is not a valid column.

So quick review of what I’m trying to do… I want to have a PublishedFile that has a thumbnail, a filmstrip and a attached movie but I don’t want or need to track Versions. Now I could just use a PublishedFile but there is a bug that does not allow display Filmstrips on PublishedFiles so the only way to get around that is to include a version and use a (slow) thumbnail query.

So I created a customEntity and I can add a filmstrip (yay) and I can upload a movie file to it but when you click it the movie is downloaded instead of playing in the browser like if it was a PublishedFile.

What am I missing?

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Hi @gmaskfx,

Thanks for posting!

Yay, Versions entity is the only “media container” of Shotgun web app. All the media uploaded to Versions entity will be auto-transcoded with a filmstrip thumbnail generated, but only when upload to the sg_uploaded_movie field on Versions entity.

Back to your situation, there is no way to get a PublishedFile entity which has a thumbnail, a filmstrip and a attached movie. Version is the only option. But when you click the movie won’t play, but only download the resource is kinda weird. It sounds like a bug that bubbled query-based thumbnail fields don’t playback the version’s media, but it’s been fixed.

Do you see the playable button on the thumbnail? Could you please Direct Message me the link to one of the version that is not playable? We need to access and take a close look at it.


The playable button appears on the thumbnail for the PublishedFile where I’m using the query based thumbnail…

Okay so if the Version entity is the only entity that does everything I want I guess I could just use it… but I’d want to call it something else (looks like I could rename it) and I guess there is no way to duplicate the version Entity and call it something else so that for other purposes Version could be use as intended?


Thanks for the DM with details. I’ll reply you in public.

There is no way to replicate the default Versions entities, even though you added a custom sg_uploaded_movie field. It won’t trigger the Shotgun’s auto-transaction while you upload video clips onto that field. And of course, there is either no way to duplicate the Versions entity.

A tricky way to achieve what you want ( have another Versions -functioned entity but rename it as others):

  • Go to Versions page, and Design Page
  • Save Page as to create a custom page based on the default Versions page; Name the page as something else ( it’s just rename the page name, not the entity, so you will see +Version on the custom page, not +MocapFile instead.)
  • Shotgun Automatically lands on the new page, and you will see Add to Navigation option under the Design Page menu

You have created a custom page based on the Versions entity and added the custom page to project Navigation bar. Next is to filter versions on both Versions page so it shows up what we want on each.

  • You could add a custom checkbox field on Versions entity do distinguish “traditional” versions and new ones, and set the field as required while creating versions.
  • Use this field to filter out two types of version on two Versions page. On the default Versions page, filter out versions that are “traditional” (versions that the checkbox field is unchecked) and on the duplicated new Versions entity page filter out new type of versions (versions that the checkbox field is checked.)

This way, you separate the versions linked to customentity07, now go to customentity07 and set up the Query-based thumbnails.

Remember, you need to enable Versions on this entity for CustomEntity07.

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