Thumbnails do not appear for Sequence

Our shotgrid is not creating a thumbnail for Sequence entity although we have linked versions and these versions were correctly transcoded. The thumbnail works for the versions, but not for the sequence.

On the other hand, we have the same thing for Shot entity, but when we publish a version for a Shot, the shot thumbnail is updated for the version thumbnail.

I could not figure out the why we have different behavior between these two entities and what i need to do to show the versions in the Sequence thumbnails.

PS.: the files respects the max file size limit (in fact they have less than 100 MB) and the supported formats (mp4 or mov). As the thumbnail works for the versions, I believe we do not have problems related to the file but with some configuration related to the Version ↔ Sequence entity.

If you have a list page for your sequences then you can right click the Thumbnail field and go configure field.

That should give you the options of a static thumbnail or a query based thumbnail and allows you to query versions in the right way.

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Thank you, Ricardo! It worked :smiley:

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