Thumbnail and version problems

For no apparent reason, today shotgrid works extremely badly and I don’t know if it is something general with the software or with our account.

The pages take many minutes to load (although it is marked to load only 25 items per page), it doesn’t show thumbnails, when I want to play a version the “Preparing media” message appears for many minutes until I can see it…

Is this happening to anyone else?

Not here, are you sure teh page is not loading a lot of calculated fields or query fields that could be slowing it down?

If not, you can send a support ticket to Autodesk and ask them to look into it, maybe your instance just needs a reboot.

Thank you for the quick answer.

We haven’t made any major changes this week in shotgrid (nor implemented any query fields that might be giving problems); so I’ve put out a ticker to see if you can solve it for me.

Hey Anita,

did you mean you put in a ticket with Autodesk?

Yeah, i wanted to say: I’ve put out a ticker to see if they can solve it for me.

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