Thumbnail Doesn't Show up When Version Created?

Why I cannot see the thumbnail showing up when the version is created? The thumbnail is still blank?


There are a few situations where you will not see thumbnails showing up while version created with media (or image) uploaded.

First of all, as we all know when you upload a movie or image file into the Uploaded Movie (sg_uploaded_movie) field on a Version, it will be automatically transcoded into the proper formats so that it can playback in our supported browsers. During the auto-transcoding process, a thumbnail will be generated as well. For more information, refer to the doc below:

With that being, why no thumbnail shows up? A few things to check:

  • It takes time for the completion of auto-transcoding, depending on the size of the file. So the version is created just now, do nothing but Wait for the completion of transcoding.

  • Ensure you are uploading media in a supported formats.

  • Ensure you not uploading media which doesn’t exceeds the maximum file size

The file transcoding process is optimized for files of 5GB or less. Shotgun may not be able to transcode larger files.If you are working with large movie sequences that need to be transcoded, we suggest first creating a lower resolution file that can be transcoded. Note that Shotgun can still track the location of the original file (e.g., local file location), if needed. Shotgun’s transcoding service is optimized to handle still image resolutions up to 8K (7,680 x 4,320 pixels),

Unsupported file formats or file size will lead to the failure of Shotgun’s auto-transcoding. Since the transcoding is failed, the thumbnail is not generated as well.