No thumbnails when uploading exr files?

Apologies if this is obvious, but when I upload a exr file as a new version in a project, are the thumbnails suppose to be generated automatically in Shotgun?


Hi Cape,

Unfortunately the transcoder doesn’t support .exr file formats, you can see what the transcoder supports here:


Thanks, @DavidMason!

Also, Mario, if you load up the EXR in Shotgun Create or RV, their submission tools will automatically generate web-friendly media from whatever’s in the player. You can download either of those apps from the Apps menu.

Here’s some more on version creation with Shotgun Create and the RV Submit Tool.


Got it! Thanks guys!


Not sure if this is the correct behavior - but:

I created a new version in SG uploading a 16-bit float, tiled, exr image. As expected no thumbnail was created.

Out of morbid curiosity I selected the ‘Replace Thumbnail’ on the new version and upload the exact same exr file as a thumbnail.

And… poof - thumbnail shows up!

So… it sorta-kinda supports exr for thumbnail creation??

Hi Cape,

You’re kinda right, EXR is a hit or miss sort of thing, in my experience the transcoder can occasionally figure out what is in the image, usually not, hence why we say it’s unsupported. I’m quite surprised that you got different results from the same file, but not shocked :slight_smile:

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