RV ist not uploading thumbnail (browser compatible version) at first try

Hey Shotgun-Team,

We recently are experiencing the error that when you try to upload an exr file via RV, the png thumbnail file is created but apparently it is not uploaded (correctly) to the web.
We therefore do not receive a browser-compatible version online, though RV tells us everything was succesfully.

The second attempt to upload the version (when the png is already available) works fine.
I cant think of any changes i made to our RV so i wanted to ask if this could be a problem from your site?

Thanks in advance


Hi @jonase,

Thanks for posting and I’m sorry you are seeing the issue here. I tried reproducing it on my site and didn’t see your issue. Prior to us digging into it, could we clarify the issue a bit further?

  • When you say the png thumbnail file is created but apparently it is not uploaded, do you mean that you see the png file created in the exr path folder, but the version is not created on Shotgun web page?

  • The second attempt to upload..., do you open up the Submit Tool again with the exr loaded in RV and submit to the same task?

  • When do you start to see the issue? Did it work as expected before? Any changes/config you could think of on your side that may cause this? (config changes of RV, or the way you produce exr files)

It looks like an issue specified to your RV as I cannot reproduce it for now. Could you please write to support@shotgunsoftware.com with the following details:

  • Which version of RV are running? Which review package you are loading for your RV? Screening Room for RV or Shotgun Review? ( You could check that via RV->Preference->Package.)

  • Could you please pass over the content in Windows->Console while you are seeing the issue in your first attempt?

  • A detailed reproducing steps for us to follow on our side.

  • Please also include clarification of the question above.

  • If possible, an unclassified EXR example would also be helpful.

We will carry on our investigate in that 1:1 thread and report back here once it’s settled for anyone who follows up this thread.