Loading Specific File formats

When you submit an EXR seq into RV to upload into Shotgun. There is an mpeg QT file that is created and stored into the same folder the EXR lives.
I saw that in 2014 people asking if they can control how this is transcoded and where this file is stored, however I did not see much activity on this for the last 5 years.
At this time, if a user drags this folder that contains this EXRs seq with its QT brother in to RV. Users need to manually delete the QT from being played back in RV as it auto loads. Multiple this by multiple folders being dropped into RV.
Is there a way to specify RV to only Load an EXR file format seq so that we can avoid loading all these unwanted QTs that now live in these folders?


Hi there!

It’s sad to hear that this has been a frustration since 2014 and I’m really sorry that you’re struggling with it. This is indeed something in our backlog but it has been trumped by other higher priority requests.

Meanwhile you can work around this issue, even if not super easily. You have 2 options: mess around with the submit tool itself or build your own DIY transcoding submit tool.

  1. If you take a look at plugins/Mu/shotgun_review_app.mu, there’s a onExportComplete method. Here you can inject a call to either move or delete the generated QT file. This way whenever you submit your EXRs, a temp file isn’t polluting your files.
  2. You can build you own submit tool using Shotgun API and DIY Transcoding

The benefit of adding a call in Submit Tool is the ease of modifying that code. The downside is that you have to patch your RV if you ever change versions. The benefit of doing your own submit tool is that you can control every aspect of how your media is uploaded and appears in Shotgun.

Hope this helps!