Submit Tool: Changing the output Version entity's code

Hi all,

We’re looking into changing the code of the version entity produced by the “Submit Tool” inside RV.

Currently, it seems like the version entity name is generated from calling the Mu io.path.basename on the media’s file name and we’re wondering if there is any way of changing that.

For example, change to use the resolved value of a tank template strings {Shot}_{name}_v{version}

I’d like to add to this (if that’s ok @j0yu) and ask if there’s a way to change the output path of the media file that’s created. Currently, when submitting an image sequence, the submit tool will create a streamable version of the media, which it uploads, and a hi-res .mov file, which it links in the “path_to_movie” field. Unfortunately, it drops this movie file in the same folder as the image sequence, so I’d like to specify a different location based on information about the shot from Shotgun. Has anyone done this yet?

Hi Joseph and Steven,

Unfortunately neither of these are possible currently without modifying code. I’ve put in a feature request to make Submit Tool more robust and added you on it! You can also submit your requests at

Meanwhile, you have 3 options:

  1. Wait for us to fix Submit tool.
  2. Modify the code under RV_INSTALL_PATH/PlugIns/Mu/
  3. Build your own submit tool using Shotgun API.

For modifying the code under shotgun_review_app, I think for both of your needs you can start with exportQuicktimeForCurrentSource method. I believe that’s where the temp file is generated and location is specified.

Hope this helps!

– Alexa

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