Modify Shotgun publish tool to force save file destination and naming convention


Is it possible to modify the shotgun publish tool so the admin is able to preset all save file destination and the naming convention?

We are able to do so with package engine, for example (shutgun engine in Photoshop)

But we are so far unable to figure out a way to do the same on Shotgun default publish panel tool.

Any help is appreciated.

You’ll need to write/update a custom collector to identify what the source files are, and then add some logic to define what the destination template should be for each source file type. Then you’ll need to verify you have the necessary fields to build the destination path from the template.
To do all this you’ll have to parse the source filenames (if they don’t follow a SG template) or use template_from_path.
Basically; custom collector, and/or custom plugin.