Daily/version submission workflow?


I’m new to this side of shotgun and could use a little help with the workflow for making daily (verison?) submissions.

Here’s what I’d like to do, off the top of my head:

  • Artist has video file or directory of frame sequence for their daily they want to submit.

  • Artist uses standalone tool from desktop to create a submission for that daily, filling out task/notes and submits.

  • Shotgun takes that daily location, copies it to another path (our local shared drive) and uses that for the path_to_movie/path_to_frames field, then uploads and creates a version along with thumbnails.

Is this possible currently? I.e. is there already a standalone app that’s doing this, or capable of doing this with hooks I can tweak?
Do I need to create a custom app for this?

I’m also not exactly sure yet where RV and/or Shotgun Create comes into all of this. I can see I’m able to make submissions there that handles a lot of what I need, except moving the file to a shared location.

Sorry if these are obviously answered questions! I appreciate any help on this.



Hi @jake0,

Thanks for posting.

Not sure if it’s a pipeline integration topic or a Shotgun one, but anyway.
To submit your works for review, you could check out this doc below for all best practices. https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/219030378-Submitting-your-work
To sum it up, you could upload mov files on Web UI to create streamable versions, or use RV submit tool or submit in Shotgun Create, which records the path to mov or image sequence, no way to copy the file from artists’ workstation to a shared drive.

From Shotgun Desktop, the Publish app allows artists to publish their work so that it can be used by artists downstream. It supports traditional publishing workflows within the artist’s content creation software as well as stand-alone publishing of any file on disk. https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000068574#Basic%20workflow

While publishing in DCC, an Upload for review task will be available for any file type that can be transcoded and uploaded to Shotgun as reviewable media. Once published, a version will be created on Shotgun web, with path to media stored in Path to movie or Path to Frame field.
For information about customizing the publisher for your studio-specific needs, please see the Publisher Dev Guide.

As mentioned above, RV and Shotgun Create could be used as a submission tool, but they are mainly review tool. RV has been created to support digital artists, directors, supervisors, and production crews who need reliable, flexible, high-performance tools to review image sequences, movie files, and audio, while Shotgun Create is a desktop experience built specifically for creative teams using Shotgun and helps teams collaborate more efficiently by helping artists and reviewers quickly see what they need to work on, submit work, and review media. For more information of Shotgun Create, see them here.

Along with web player, media app page, Shotgun Create and RV desktop player are options we provide for your review workflow. It pretty much depends on your needs in the adoption of these tools.



Thanks for the reply Ben!

Ah yes, looks like the “Upload for Review” plugin will do what I need with a bit of tweaking. Something I overlooked actually.

This will hopefully keep it all cleaner with the main go-to being the publisher.

Thanks again for the insight. Much appreciated!

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