Best Practise Question: Render records in Shotgun

So I wanted to ask about best practises to register renders in Shotgun.

We use Deadline as our farm and I would like to find a way to track unpublished renders.

My idea was to have deadline, on submission time, create a render record with the job id and location of files in Shotgun.
If the work render is never published, we can then ocassionally find those files, send a warning to the artist, and eventually delete.

Now, I was wondering on what kind of custom entity we should do this. Project based?
Or globally?

My idea was to remove the record when the files get published so it reduces the amount of records, and the ones left are files not published.

Any tips, advice?


Not sure if I have any great advise here.

I would have suggested that you publish the renders on the farm on completion, to avoid tracking unpublished renders all together. But I assume that work flow is such, that the work renders must be reviewed before being published?

I still wonder if it is a simpler approach to just publish the renders straight away anyway, and then use status’s on the PublishedFile to set whether they are bad or good? You could use the event daemon to detect the publish and potentially email the artist to confirm if they are good.

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Yeah I have just seen that I can make Shotgun notify on version change. (without the event deamon --> tracking settings?)

I’m also not using published files for everything, a version already contains path_to_frames and path_to_movie.