Nuke Studio Ingestion To Deadline Questions?

Hey Guys,
Has anyone attempted Deadline submissions for Nuke Studio exports? I know the default deadline hookup spawns a frame-server, that allows slave connections, but this really isn’t going to work I want to be able to release the studio license, and spawn some Nuke jobs out of the required export steps…

Little workflow walk-through:
Currently our Nuke Studio ingest uses tk-hiero-export, a customized, with studio templates, variation of it.

This spawns:
-a TASK for DPX/EXRs
-a Shotgun task that publishes the plates as a valid Shotgun publish entity
-a Quicktime task that makes a H.264
-a Shotgun task that turns the QT into a valid Shotgun Version
-a Shotgun task that makes a valid publish out of the JPEGs
-a Qucktime task that makes a H.264
-a Shotgun task that makes a valid Shotgun Version

I already have postscripts for deadline that would make the version, and publishes so thats not an issue… I also have a few “manual” submission scripts that could make QTs using FFMPEG on deadline.

Really my big ?? is has anyone managed to spawn a Nuke deadline job from within Nuke Studio??
I assume I will need to make a custom deadline submission dialog for this, and then probably create a Nuke comp within Nuke Studio for each selected entry within the Nuke Studio timeline?

Really the goal here is to not hog an expensive Nuke Studio license, while it chugs on 100s of plates that could easily be offloaded to deadline, and rendered with a cheap Nuke render license.

Any thoughts are appreciated :smiley:


It sounds achievable, and also sounds like a good approach, and although I’ve written deadline submission scripts before in the distant past and I’ve also written Nuke Studio export scripts I’m afraid I haven’t ever combined the two.

There are probably a few different approaches, but maybe you could write your own export plugins. You could then benefit from NS’s own nuke export script plugin and your plugin could grab the result of that and submit a farm job.

I know that is not much help :frowning: