Shotgun nuke rv workflow

whats the “default” idea behind nuke publish and workflow with RV review?

basicly when im publishing some nuke work i can see that on webpage i got 4 entries

  1. publish file of .nk script
  2. publish file of preview mov file
  3. created version of that mov file
  4. publish of .exr frames

then when im opening rv i can see these mov file in place (local media) but it looks like its not connected to .exr files that was generated according

i’ve noticed that on web page when u go into details of version created there are 2 fields:

-path to movie
-path to frames

path to movie is filled correct and thus makes it working in RV but path to frames is emtpy

obviously if i fill it manually then it also starts to work in RV (swap media between movie and frames)

so back to my question how its intended to work?

should i do it on my own (alternating somehow publisher in nuke) or im missing something and it works just out of the box?