Why is path to frames not populated by default when publishing a photoshop file?

hello sg community gurus,

i’ve attached as a comparison what comes out of the box when publishing a nuke script and a photoshop file.
in the case of the version created from the nuke script, both fields path to frames and path to movie are populated by default but in the case of the version associated to the photoshop file, neither is populated by default. why is that?
as a matter of fact, i would expected that when publishing any type of image or sequence of images, even using the standalone publish app, these fields would be automatically populated or at least there would be an option to do so.
how could i achieve this? thank you!


Great question, and welcome to the forums!

I’m not actually sure on what the reason for the difference in behavior is here. I am guessing it is by design, as the psd is not a movie nor has it frames, so filling in these fields doesn’t make conceptual sense.

However if you would like the publisher to fill in these fields, you can take over the photoshop engine’s publish hook, and add in a line here:

Something like:

    "sg_path_to_frames": path,

If you are not sure how to take over a publish hook here are a couple of examples:


sorry for the long hiatus… and happy new year!

that’s very helpful, thank you @philip.scadding, i had looked at the custom plugin example you mention and thought it sounded like the correct approach but finding which hook to override and how/where is not intuitive to me yet.
after perusing the links you provided, and with your code change example, i was able to achieve what i was looking for :+1: